Lolita Dark is an Epic Rock band with roots in Southern California and Japan, who formed in 2011. Their sound weaves together crunching guitar riffs, progressive bass lines, lush harmonies, and complex melodic structures in songs that reflect both angst and optimism in an increasingly interconnected world of disconnected residents.

Fronted by Shibuya-born singer/songwriter Rayko, Lolita Dark provides the soundtrack and visuals of a world where light intersects dark, east meets west, and the past overlaps the present, depicting the, seemingly, redundant circles of our lives and universe.

The core of Lolita Dark is formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Rayko (Ray), Bassist Rain Balen, and Drummer Joey Felix who are also members of the Los Angeles rock band “Dig Jelly”. After months of writing, recording, and self producing Lolita Dark enlisted Okinawan vocalist and keyboardist Machiko (May), and guitarist Patrick Cabrera of prog metal band False Empire.

Their first album, “Tokyo Status” was released in 2012 and featured a wide range of intensely personal, yet universal meditations on love, addiction, promise, and despair. It blazed new territory with a sonic landscape that fused Shibuya glam, European symphonic-rock, and American metal. Lolita Dark’s debut CD explored the themes of Salvation, Redemption, Sanctuary, and displayed some of Rayko’s internal anguish after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami ravaged her homeland.

Lolita Dark has performed at various venues including Bar Sinister, House of Blues, J-Pop events hosted by “Tune in Tokyo”, and Rayko’s on going event “Tokyo Status” .Lolita Dark has also performed at Anime Expo, Nan Desu Kan, Anime Los Angeles, and Pacific Media Expo, where they opened for Japanese artists BACK-ON (Avex) and D (Avex, Universal Music).

“Mad Times”, from the “Tokyo Status” album, has been chosen for the in-production Steampunk web series “Tinker”. “Wounded Angel”, the recently released song by Lolita Dark, has become the official theme song for Anime California 2014.

Lolita Dark is preparing for their tour in support of their much anticipated second album “Queen’s Decade” which will be released in the spring of 2014. The tour kicks off at Katsucon on Valentine’s Day weekend, and the live broadcast on Sky TV program “Sam’s Pajama Party” as their debut performance/ appearance for Europe, shortly before they perform at Zenkaikon 2014 as well as open for Gacharic Spin (Universal Music) at Tekko 2014.



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